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A Community for Female Cyclists

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A Community for Female Cyclists

Hello to my favorite community! 

I've been working on this project for about 6 months now and it would not have been possible without the Warmshowers community. 

I've started a site called Brazen Bikes. 

Brazen Bikes is a community for female cyclists traveling solo. The numbers for lady touring cyclists are down by comparison to the gents, and even less women feel comfortable or supported touring alone.  My aim is to get more female cyclists (newbies or otherwise) out exploring, and start a conversation involving some touring veterans and the curious newcomers. is now up and running, as well as a YouTube channel, and an Instagram where you can see beautiful images of the places I'm cycling through. 

In the next few days, I'll be leaving Spain and starting a cycling trip which will take me through Iceland (on a layover) and then back to the USA where I will spend roughly a month cycling from Los Angeles, California to Portland, Oregon. 

The website includes guides by country, gopro footage of my trips, and articles describing the places and people I've met in between. 
If you're interested in following and supporting my trip(s), please visit my website and follow on Instagram.

And of course, a huge thank you to Warmshowers! 



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Yay for solo female touring!! Rock on Michelle!

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Amazing Michelle! I'm

Amazing Michelle! I'm planning my first solo ride from Malaga to Lisbon for December 2018 and your website is inspiring. 

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congratulation for this initiative! Hope one day we get to bump into each other on a cycling path; in a few days I'm leaving for Patagonia to cycle there for a month, half of which I'll do solo :)


all the best


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