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Touring through the Alpes via Haute Vosges

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Touring through the Alpes via Haute Vosges

I will be touring through the Alpes and maybe further south eastward/Greece in Augaust and im looking to join anyone or anyone can join me.

I like to be flexible with the distance depending on the scenery/landscape 40-80k per in mountains or maybe more. 

I am wild camping and will use warmshowers and the occasional campsite.

I also plan to do some off road VTT mountain biking/bikepacking routes on my other bike as aseperate trip after this in order to really get Into the mountains. Flexible as to where. Thinking alpes or through mountains in Greece.

I am highly creative person and somtimes really enjoy taking in the feel and drama of landscape rather than rushing through. 

Je comprends un peu l'francais et j'essaye d'apprend d'en savoir plus tous le temp. 

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