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Lost feedback and messages

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Lost feedback and messages

I just went to look for an old host (to ask him a question about his region) and I found that both my messages and my feedback from prior to 2013 is gone. That totally sucks! 

Is there a way to recover this information so that I can contact the person?

WS should definitely notify users prior to deleting personal content - I would have happily complied a list of my old contacts. I have successfully used WS as a f**ebook substitute for years, maybe thats not such a wise idea though?

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It's not really obvious where

It's not really obvious where feedback received ends and feedback given begins but if you scroll to a little more than half way down the page, you will find page selectors [ ], clicking on page 2 and scrolling down, the first entry is June 30, 2011 - did you have feedback from others before that date that is missing?

As for your feedback given, there is a bug that means it will not automatically paginate after 25 entries, I'm pretty sure all your feedback is still in the system there just isn't a way of getting to it from your profile at the moment (for more info and bug reports see: )

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Feedback received is okay.

Feedback received is okay. Just the given feedback is unavailable- thanks for the explanation. 

My old messages are also gone though, is that the same pagination issue?

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No, your messages should

No, your messages should paginate. Mine go back to 2012 - I'm not sure if I'm recalling correctly but I think WS operated on a direct email system, so this may just be around the time when on site messaging was first implemented.

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