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Getting Together With Other Warmshowers Hosts in Your Area

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Getting Together With Other Warmshowers Hosts in Your Area

My husband and I are not retired and are very busy farmers so can't really tour or take days off.  So, we have been having bike-to campground-date night every now and then.  We leave before supper with our bikes loaded with dinner and breakfast, a tent etc campout and leave for home the next morning.

Well it occured to me the night before we left this last time, to invite other local Warmshowers hosts to meet us at the campground.  I didn't give a very long notice so no one came, but did receive a few thank you notes and one person who said what a great idea it was so I wanted to share that it might be fun for some of us hosts to get together. 

Also, I found it was a pain to go to the map and have to click on each name, then send a copied and pasted note, so next time, I will start a group on my phone and just text one letter to everyone.  I will still have to go to the map and click on each one to receive the number, but I think that will be quicker.

Just some ideas for likeminded people to get together! 

Mary Kay from NE  Ohio 


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Getting together

Thank you, it is a very good idea.


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getting together

Great idea and very proactive!  I have talked with a couple of local hosts, about us getting together for a bbq at some stage,,,, but not actually gotten around to organising it.  Where I live, there are about 40 listed hosts, but in actual fact there tends to only be about 9-10 of us who are really hosting.  I have gotten to know a couple of them and like the idea of us all getting to know each other to then help direct cyclists to the most appropriate alternative host any time one has to turn a cyclist request down for some reason. 

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