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Community grants to promote bike touring?

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Community grants to promote bike touring?

Our town is directly on the Great Divide Mountain Bike route and sees hundreds of cyclists a year who contribute thousands of dollars to the local economy. We also have many large parks and other open space that could be developed better to accomodate cycling tourists. I love hosting, but due to work and life I'm not always available for guests, and I wish our community had a place to direct them when I'm not available.

I'd like to speak with our local commissioners and the parks department about the possibility of developing an area that specifically caters to cyclists. Before I approach them I'd like to do my homework and find possible funding sources for this venture, such as grants that could help build and maintain facilities. I have experience with grant writing and know of several non-bike sources I could puruse, but I'm curious if anyone can direct me to funding opportunities that are more focused specifically to cyclists.

Thanks for the suggestions in advance!

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I think that is a great idea!

I think that is a great idea!  Only thing  I can think of is to ask ACA if they know of any grants.  Sorry I couldn't help more, John

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I will reach out to ACA.

I will reach out to ACA. Since they are in my home state they might even know of local resources. We have a small town nearby (Twin Bridges, MT) that gets a good amount of bike traffic, and they have a bike camp that was spear-headed by a retired volunteer. In state we also have Ovando, which is well known among bike tourists for their hospitality and accomodations, which include a sheep wagon, a tipi, and the old jail right in the middle of town. I'm hoping a lot of start-up costs could be covered through donations and volunteer help, but grants would be good to cover maintenance and utility costs. If towns with less than 500 people can pull it off, I can't imagine why a city of 35,000 can't. We're one of the largest cities on the Great Divide, I think it's about time we step up our game.


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John, I think it is great at

John, I think it is great at what you and Twin Bridges is doing already and also what you are hoping to do.  As a friendly note, Twin Bridges is not on the Great Divide Route but is on the TransAm Route. Best, John

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Yep... I'm aware of that.

Yep... I'm aware of that. Just wanted to point them out as an example of what I hope to accomplish. The gentleman who started the Twin Bridges bike camp has sadly passed away, but I plan to find another local contact who may have some insight.

Boulder is another community on the Great Divide, and I hear the county fairgrounds have facilities for bikes, although I haven't checked them out myself.

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My mistake, I thought you meant you were from Twin Bridges.  For what it matters, I do know that cyclists do tend to try to stop at the more welcoming towns like Twin Bridges and Orvando.  I rode through Twin Bridges many many moons ago and thought it was a nice town.  Best, John