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what does a bicycle tourist look like??

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what does a bicycle tourist look like??

Hi everyone. I am Bicycle Chris and I have a question for all. What does a bicycle tourist look like (or supposed to look like)? I have 7 tours and about 20,000 miles on 2 wheels. That being said; I feel I have enough experience to know how and what to do on tour. I perfer to be self supported (my own campig equipment, cooking gear ,basic tools and parts ect.). Some perfer to have a SAG wagon carrry everything for them. Some must have the most modern bike and gear; I perfer to use what I already own. Some must wear spandex; I do not. When it comes down to it; as long as we are out there riding and enjoying life so be it. I would love to hear some other opinions on this. Peace and tailwinds to all

                                                                                             Chris  - "CEO"

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Well varied

I have almost 40 years of touring and easily over 50k miles (quit counting) of loaded touring.  Just like people throughout the world, a "cyclotourist" looks/acts all of the place like you said.  There is no "standard" cyclotourist other than we ride a "bicycle" (bicyce, e-bike, trike, recumbent, tandem, unicycle, etc.).  And we all curse headwinds.  Best, John

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thanks john for your opinions

thanks john for your opinions. Any one else out there?. Tailwinds always to all.  Chris  -  "CEO"

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I'm pretty new to this game,

I'm pretty new to this game, having done only 2-3 day trips in the UK and a 9-day to Amsterdam and back, but what I use isn't much different from commuting setup. Aluminium hybrid, medium size panniers, apart from cycle shorts I wear ordinary clothes. My main consideration is keeping weight to a reasonable level. At some point in the future I will likely try out camping on a tour.

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I would say we mostly look terrible with some technical clothing that does not suits with the last kind-of-dry jacket. The covered in mud bike with all the stuffs hanging on is also something! Yet another question would be: how does a bicycle tourist smells like?

But really all that matters is what's inside and the openning to other people.


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It is always a shock to

It is always a shock to people when they hear me telling them that I am on a bike tour. Even though I have a laden bicycle under me. Extremely laden as a matter of fact as I am 350 lbs (158kilo) and 6'4" tall (193). I camp when I can find a campground (I might look like a bear but I do not do that in the woods), hotel when I must but always enjoy myself. If I am extremely lucky my wife goes with me. I wear what is comfortable and depending on where I am riding highly visable, especially when riding here in the United States. Too bad it is difficult to upload pictures to these forums. But here is a link to my blog for a picture. 



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