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6 cyclist murdered... Harsh reality of the world we are living in.

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6 cyclist murdered... Harsh reality of the world we are living in.

Hello everyone,

This year, 6 cyclist have been murdered alone. At least, as much as I got to know from the Web.

Today, early in the morning, I have learned about, yet another, very tragic event. Which had happened in Tajikistan on 29th July (Four people where killed: 2 Americans, 1 Dutch and 1 from Switzerland).

Probably, many of you are aware about those tragic events.

Just wanna share some information, that I have stumbled upon while researching this event. One person on Instagram shared info on this area. Quoting:

    -el_vi_britannia (link is external)@jeasantovasco "They were truely amazing people, they should have been informed that the border next to afghanistan is very dangerous. Im from Kazakhstan and for me Tadjikistan is not good. I feel sorry for your loss, hate and revenge wont do much, but we have to acknowledge that Isis is responsible for this and many other senseless murders."


Another 2 cyclist have been murdered in Mexico in April (German and Polish cyclists):

Just though that I should spread some word, one or another way.

There are thousands of cyclist traveling safely every single year and so on.  But despite, nobody is even wishing for such atrocities happening to anyone. They do unfortunately happen. It's harsh side of reality.

Safe travels to everyone!

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Hi Vito

Hi Vito

I understand completely. I too, have travelled central Asia(2009, Beijing to Istanbul) and South America(2015, Ushuaia- Bolivia)

I have faced many occasions where I felt my life was at risk - but there was very little I could do, when I was riding between the border of Tajik/Uzbek/Kyrgyz, a truck driver stopped his truck on side of the road and basically wont leave until I get into his truck because it was unsafe (from both police and religious group). I did comply and avoided paying brivery and possibly my life. the truck driver spoke very little English and my Russian is not much better but we communicated using hand gesture, simple English mix with simple Russian plus facial expression. the care for strangers are so overwhelming and beyond comprehension at times. 

Another example would be when I was in Turkmenistan. I was trying to cross the border of Sarakhs, but I was stopped at a border control by an Army officer with 2 soldiers standing behind him holding onto their AK47.  I think they wont let me go because I was in a restricted area (so they say), A taxi driver saw I was in trouble and stopped and rescued me from the situation, I dont know what will happen to me if the taxi driver did not come to rescue. 

I often think about my tour, and being able to return to my country is truely blessing. its not just your achievement, sometimes, you need luck and perhaps, God's will / Inshallah

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