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help a belgian guy (me)

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help a belgian guy (me)

Hi all

I will need some help. In April i would like to start cycling from Belgium to India. It's not my first trip, two years ago i cycled from sydney to melbourne along the coast. of course this one will be more exciting. 

the itinary i was thinking: Belgium (Ghent) going south of France, from there entering Italy. Cycling all the way to Bari. There taking the boat to Albania and go to Greece. Then go to the continent of asia through Turkey. I think the best thing is to get my Visa for Iran in Ankara. Then of course go straight to Iran. In Iran, Teheran getting my Visa for India. Going to a port in the south to take a boat to India, so i skip Pakistan. I've heard it's a no go there. 

well If you already did a similar trip trhough those countries, all tips are welcome. If i'm lucky and you live in Belgium let's meet up. 

Also looking for websites or facebook groups for these kinds of cycling trips. 

More for people around here, i will need to buy everything even need to get a bicycle. My budget isn't big so if you know who is selling second hand stuff let me know. 


Thank you all


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you could try Crazyguyonabike

you could try Crazyguyonabike. a lot of resource and past journal there. 

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