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Turkey, Iran in September-November 2018

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Turkey, Iran in September-November 2018

Hi guys,

I'm 3000 km into my world cycling tour. In Greece (Thessaloniki) right now, should reach Istanbul in about 10 days.

Middle/end of September I want to start cycling through Turkey (I do not have a route planned yet!) and later Iran. Planning and research to be made during my 1 week "vacation" in Istanbul.

I'm 40 y/o, speak German, English, French.

I don't care if you're male, female, straight, gay, single. You just should have a "real" bicycle (no ebike) and your own gear (tent, sleeping pad etc.)

En route I'll be using camp sites, wild camping, hostels, warm showers etc.

My avg. overall speed so far is 16kph. On flat/paved roads about 20-25 kph, but I don't mind taking it slower.

This is my first long-distance cycling trip, so I still have lots to learn!



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