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Lisboa (Lisbon) onde posso ir? (Where Can I go?)

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Lisboa (Lisbon) onde posso ir? (Where Can I go?)

Oi tudo bem??


I will be in Lisbon for a week at the end of September and would love to find somewhere to rent a bike and go for a few day or overnight rides. I won't have my normal touring setup because I am not able to do a bike trip at this time but I would still love to discover Lisbon by bicycle. Do you have any recommendations?

Also I have heard the mountain biking is great in Sintra but was curious if anyone knew of a cheaper (but safe) company that rents bikes and runs shuttles?

Vou a Lisboa para uma semana ao final do setembro. Tristemente vou estar sem bicicleta, mas gostaria muito alugar uma e viajar durante o dia, ou ir para outra cidade para a noite. Sabem onde posso alugar bicicletas? Tem uma recomendaçao onde posso ir para uma noite? Vou estar sem coisas de arrumar uma bici e sem barraca, etc...

Tambem estou interesada no mountain biking de Sintra!


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I can recommend Rcicla. the owner, Vitor Peixoto can prepare a bicycle the way you want it, if you arrange with him a few days prior the rent day. I was there last May and rented a road bicycle for a couple of days.

Here is the address:

Av. 24 de julho, 86-b
1200-870  lisboa – portugal

Tel: +351 938 245 433

Boa sorte!

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