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Host wanted for 1st night in USA. I'm riding from the airport.. 1 October

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Host wanted for 1st night in USA. I'm riding from the airport.. 1 October

I arrive JFK in NYC at 2pm 1st October. I have accommodation booked on Staten Island but trying to ride there in one night with all my gear is a big exhausting and stressful task. 

I would be really grateful to anyone in the Bushwick or brooklyn area - just somewhere between JFK and Manhattan anyway, - who could host me that first night. 

Failing that if anyone wants to come and ride with me or give me any assistance getting to my destination. 

I am seriously starting to contemplate paying for a taxi from the airport or even over near the narrows bridge but its a very expensive option. With all my gear, taking the train is too hard. I will be in New York for a month and hope to tour in the Hudson valley so i have a gear that covers both those scenarios and it adds up to quite a bit. 

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Staten Island

How about contacting Warmshowers folks directly and ask for a ride for you and your gear to Staten Island?  There is also a ferry at the bottom of Manhattan Island.  Should be an easy ride of 15 miles to the ferry from JFK.  Take the Brooklyn Bridge.  I suppose it depends on the time of your arrival.

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Yes there are these other

Yes there are these other factors. Its 25kms as i understand it. Not so easy in the night and with loads of gear. Have been writing to some people. Tehre are so many people. I can't write to them all. I think also that many people in New York won't own a car, especially not in Brooklyn.

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I've had similar difficulties...

*try using Uber to go from Airport to doorstep. The size of your bike box might be a concern. I find this expense worth it after a long trip, facing many unknowns and exhaustion. Also, Staten Island public transport doesn’t run as extensively/frequently as the rest of the Burroughs.

* will ship your bike box via FedEx/UPS. You would print out your own labels and attach to the box. The important piece of information (that I don’t have) is whether the airport has a UPS drop off point. If you have a deliverable address further on down the line, you could even have your bike delivered there, as opposed to bringing it on the airplane(not so helpful if you are arriving from overseas, sorry).

*i wish you the best for a great adventure.






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I'm flying in from Australia.

I'm flying in from Australia. Never been to NYC before. ARriving 2.20pm. I am contemplating a taxi. Never taken an uber. There seem to be more risks and if people are using small cars etc. then again, i have put my bike in the boot of a hatch before so i know its doable if a driver is keen to help. I would possibly put the bike together out of the box if it would enable it to fit in the car. 

Anyway here in this post, I was just hoping to do an easier en masse shout out in case someone heard me who could help. 

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an alternative

Why not to spend a night at any of cheap hostels along your route? Use your bike - arriving  at the hostel in the evening leaving it in the morning, and you are making a smooth transit to your destination.

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If you'd ever been to new

If you'd ever been to new York,  you would know there is no such thing as a cheap hostel. Supposing there were even a hostel, my impression is that it's necessary to book well in advance. This is warm showers, why isn't it ok to hope for a host? Bear in mind my accommodation for the night is already paid as I'm booking a room or the whole month.

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