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Suddenly 2 parties want to come. Neither do.

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Suddenly 2 parties want to come. Neither do.

This past summer, after several years of no action from warmshowers, I had two parties contact me to say they were interested in staying over within a two week period.

The first was coming across the Erie Canal. Turns out he decided to do longer stretches, and so didn't end up coming at the last moment.

The second was a couple who were doing a similar trip, but, apparently, he had a sinus problem which got worse, so they decided to do a loop in reverse order... why it made a difference I'm not sure... and ultimately did not come. I called them to find out what's up. They didn't seem to remember that they should contact me with notice if they weren't going to show up. But perhaps my memory fades a bit.

In any case, both parties were pleasant enough to talk to on the phone... invited me to visit them if I showed up in their necks of the woods.

Maybe next summer...