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People wanting to charge...

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People wanting to charge...

Good morning....

I am a 2 years and a half traveler.... I passed in many, many houses and places.... Never had a problem.
HERE, there are some people that CHARGE to receive you... Its not ok, and must be prohibited....

I did a negative to him because he want to charge.... And i explained it, but he wrote a negative for me without reason... i wasnt unpolite with him, just told the truth, but he was upset because i told the truth and wrote me a negative....

Maybe this website need to open a response to let me explain  WHY i did the negative...


Other thing is... many people has accounts here, but never respond to the travelers.... another issue from wamshower...


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Please report this directly

Please report this directly using the contact form:

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I wonder if this is why a

I wonder if this is why a guest mistreated me today (see my post in ''community'' about her). I did say on my profile, that after free accomm, if a guest for some reason wants to stay extra days, im happy to receive a donation because im unemployed.  Maybe she thought this is ''illegal'' and she played this weird game of never arriving to my addres stoday forcing me to stay home waiting for her from 8.30 to 16.00 for a distance of 4-5 km (LOL!!!) from her starting point to my home. I gave clear address and later on when she was saying she is lost i gave google map coordinates but still no sign of her. I think maybe she didnt like my profile and just had fun with me , but thats something that i cannot think of adult behaviour any near... If she had a problemw ith m profile saying i can charge after some free hosting nights she could just nail me to warmshowers comitee or just choose not to apply for staying at me. She just chose to have a revenge at ''bad hosts who wants to exploit poor cyclists'' i guess. Most of the cyclist i met are very wealthy people who dont complain about lack of monetary means and use couhurfing or warmshowers as a way to meet locals not save money. SO i thought since im unemployed and they arent poor, IF - AND ONLY IF they somehow want to extend their initially FREE stay at my place, they would be glad themselves to leave a donation...!  Dunno why she stood me up like this but if she is laughing hard that she avenged a rogue host, then im laughing equally hard of how distusting some guests are in their mindsets of poor member of this community who openly say they can rent their place after FREE stay (i didnt say I will charge from 1st night).