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Message Responsiveness

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Message Responsiveness

I just had a young lady stay with me and during that time we planned a route from Sydney to Brisbane by bicycle.

Naturally, as she went through the avilable options on Warmshowers she was firstly interested in Message Responsiveness to give her an idea how likely she was to get a response.

I then looked at my Message Responsiveness and received a shock that I was rated at 63% responsive.

They said that I had replied 8 times to 13 messages during the past year. 

But I never had 13 requests in the past year. I had four.

Then I realised that Warmshowers counts every message.

In my case, as I live on Maui, gettng a bike here is expensive and a pain in the bum, so we corresponded by email and text to sort out if the bike was the right size and a time to pick thenm up at the airport.

I believe that Warmshowers should change their method of counting so that the count the request once and the reply once.

This way all members will have more faith in the Message Responsiveness figure.


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