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North and south america

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North and south america

Hi everybody, i am currently cycling on the east coast, i just left new York, i would like go to south america after.

I am now looking for an adventure partner ? I would prefer someone around my age, between 25-35 approximately ahah.

Feel free to send me a text and i would love to discuss about this with you ;)

Take care, Justine 

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South America

Hi send you a email check your inbox 

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Split cruise fare to begin Patagonia touring trip

Hello! Are you down for a 16 day cruise from Los Angeles CA to Santiago Chile in December? I plan on boxing my bicycle and start my South America tour from Chili Santiago. Cruise is from Dec 4 to Dec 20th and will be about $1000 per person for first two people and cheaper if there is a 3rd and 4th person. Cruise will land at Summer solstice and the timing couldn't be any more better.

Link to cruise:

About Me:
 I finished my first bicycle tour from Vancouver, BC to Tijuana MX a few weeks ago and am super pumped to tour south america.

Here is a link to some of my photos before my phone broke:

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