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Cycling in Tailand

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Cycling in Tailand

Hi guys. I’m going to cycling in south Asia starting from bangkok to the north of tailand after that to Myanmar then to the Laos then to the Vietnam.
I was last winter in the tailand,cambodia and laos. In that trip i knew indochina then i thought about this trip. All of these roads cross the budist arias. If it be possible finally i want to go to china from vietnam to the lahasa.
I start it new year. I am planning it. Most of this road is mountainy. I ride in this roads per day about 60-80 kms.
After planning the trip i will write about it again.
All the cyclists ,having intention to join or having some hints or advices for all are more than welcomed.Below all contact details are listed.Will be great to contact to all in any way.

Best regards

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cycling asia too!

Hi Ali, we are cycling in those countries too this winter (jan/feb) but in east Thailand, N Cambodia and S Laos. Maybe we will bump in to you along the way! Have a great trip!

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I am a French Canadian. I also plan to go to Thailand at the beginning of the year (arrived in Bangkok on January 7th). Nevertheless, I planned to go to Kuala Lumpur, so to the south. However, I also plan to do Vietnam where I will be in Ho Chi Minh around February 20 and will head to Hanoi. Maybe chance will make us meet.

Happy hike


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Cycling Thailand

Bonjour Roland, our paths may cross, look out for a rag-tag cycling group - a Welshman, 2 Americans, a Thai lady and me...! have a great trip, Jo 

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about Thailand Visa

Dear Ali , Jo and Roland. 

My fiancee (Iranian) and me will travel into Thailand in next marchj. We have worries about to get the Thailand visa for a ciclotourist

There is available information in Internet that mention that Thailand migration authorities have hardened the Visa approvations since about 3 years ago. We want to know the experience about the visa trammit for one Cicloturist in the recent times and the implications. Please feel free to comment all your experiences in Thailand about the visa trammit and anything about your experience in general riding there. For us you information will be very valuable


thanks in advance.


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Riding thailand - visa etc

Hi, I think it depends where you  are from. As a Uk person I get a visa exemption that lasts 30 days. I am herecfor 7 weeks but as I cycle to Cambidia tomorrow ( you can get Cambodia visa at border - I'm crossing in east at O Smach - for 25 dollars (US) then same at Laos border. I can then re enter Thailand and get  another exemption for 30 days - enough time to get back to Bangkok and try and fit everything back into bike box!!

Check out your country on the Thai visa website - it will tell you what you need to get. 

The cycling here is great ( not so much in Bangkok!) But in east (Surin) drivers are aware and courteous - people drive against traffic to cross highway at nearest place... it is easy to getbused to.!! Watch out for dogs - my husband got bit and we had to wait an extra 3 days to leave for him to get top up rabies shots!! I'd say if you can get the rabies shots b4 u go - do it - otherwise you have weeks to wait....all locals get shots even for a scratch...!! Carry a big stick!! 

But the people are great, the food amazing, a wonderful, but hot place to ride... YAY!!

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