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Brittany, France -spontaneous mini trip/UK ~last week October

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Brittany, France -spontaneous mini trip/UK ~last week October


to any one interested in a v small trip to Brittany; primarily I guess for any one in southern UK who may wish to take boat across - could share cabin if overnight.. there are several options. -can drive towards/to port. 

I have a friend who will be there for  work whom I'd like to see. 

i myself have not been anywhere since 2014, and although had wanted to do a significant trip this year, by now did not envisage going anywhere so this is spontaneous and am quite out of it..

I have heard Bretagne is v nice, so think to have a mini-adventure. Normally i go on my own with some kind of destination points, but as this is so close and ~aimless I'm putting this out there for any one enthused enough to similarly have a few days to a week - before weather gets too bad. 

wildcamp/hostel/hotel/WS host. + swimming. 

So I'm q flexi, let me know and we can formulate. 


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I have been there a few months ago and I found took a picture of this map. Should be useful for you!


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Hola Matias, gracias!

Hola Matias, gracias!

I cannot see anything tho, I get this: 


404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know."

btw, did you post about your own journey recently? I've seen your profile for sure; where are you now?

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its works now!sorry

Ok I reposted the image using an external host...should work now


Yeah, I am near Clermont Ferrand, heading to Bordeaux and then Portugal

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lot of informations
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Matias, ah yes, I see thanks!

Matias, ah yes, I see thanks! Would be nice to meet if we got closer, and rain was not a problem.

Marie, merci a toi, je croi que je peux comprendre assez biens :)