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Weird guest never arriving?

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Weird guest never arriving?

i was going to host a guest who has 20 or more positive reviews on her profile today

She told me yesterday she would be arriving today early morning and immediately paddle to my home which is only 4-5 km from her arrival point by boat. 

A friend of mine on bike can do it in 30 minutes depending on traffic. 

She texted me this morning by email saying she is cycling from the port to my house and warning me it will take some time as she goes slow. I accepted that she might be tired ok, i told her ''whatever time, no problem''. I did a mistake saying that apparently. Now its 4.00 pm and no sign of her and her emails indicate that she is using the time to explore athens city centre and then come to me. My problem is why didnt she tell me that she planned to see athens first so that i know so that i dont wait for her? Every 1 hour she sends an email excusing herself and saying she is still far and ''at the wrong address again'' when in reality i gave her very clear instructions.

Plus most guests I have (from airbnb or couchsufring) they find my address merely by giving them name and number and postcode, i added coordinated and gogole map for her, she still couldnt find it?

NOw as i said im waiting here at home when I could be out today, waiting for her from 8.30 morning until 16.00 and since there is no sign of her or even email saying where she is (i asked her but she doesnt say where she is 'lost') and also does answer me when i ask her to give her mobile number so that i call her, but once claimed she couldnt reach my own phone number (so what? i immediately answered on gmail that i can call her if she gives me her number but she never did), I am free to assume this person is playing with me and thats a nasty rude guest to have, so I just told her by email (the only way to reach her,by her choice) that she isnot welcomed.

Am i rude? Who is rude here? You are more experienced hosts/ guests maybe you want to illuminate me. Im going out now, tired of being stuck home all day possibly being played and she can find any hotel or hostel in Athens for very cheap price to overnight so its not like i dump her at the street helpless. Im just annoyed that she said she would come to my  house, which is near the port of pireas, and then claimed she is always at wrong address when all other guests i got from other platforms easily find my address by bike, bus or car.

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While it does sound she was

While it does sound she was not very honest in her expected time of arrival, I probably would have just said (sometime around 12:00) something like "OK, Sorry to hear you are going to be late. Unfortuatnely, I can not wait all day as I have to run errands and will be back at 19:00 hours.  If you are not here by 20:00 (I am heading back out at 20:00), I wil assume you have found alternative accommodations.  I wish you a wonderful time in Athens!"

That way, you do not have to wait for her and since she did not tell you where she is or provide a phone number so you could call her (maybe international calls are very expensive if her phoen is based overseas???), I would no longer feel obligated to hang around.  Maybe she truly was lost but she should have been more open to being helped.

Additionally, I would provide honest, FACTUAL feedback so others can know this happened and if it happens to them, they will know they have been warned.

Fortunately, most WS guests are not like this, especially one with 20+ positive feedbacks.  The best you can is to be very specific in your communications.

Best, John

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Hi, i know ppl who do this

Hi, i know ppl who do this route she was to make in 20 mins without buggage. With buggage I gave her 1 hour. Its just 5 km!!!! I live very close to Pireas Port In Athens and the roads arent complicated. But traffic and bad driving behaviour and maybe the luggage, would make one slower. But from 8.30 when she said ''im on my way from pireas '  to 16.00, I kept receiving weird emails of ''i am here , '' i am now here do you see me'' etc.  

At some point she said ''im now in city center, oops, i guess I will have to head back (I live away from Athens city center, nearer to Pireas  ,where she started her trip from!!!!)

Can someone so experienced like her get so lost in such a small distance?!!

The other guy i know who did this distance in 20 mins he is Belgian, not Greek. Its quite straightforward, especially if she has a map or smartphone with gps. And the seems to have all gear from her profile and experience....


So this made no sense to me at all. Until 13.00 I thought she is trully lost but then I realized when the clock his 16.00 and she was still saying ''im lost, will try to find my way, sorry'', that either she is having a laugh (sightseeing athens maybe and then coming to me afternoon but not letting me know ??), or she is in a dire and dangerous situation where she is completely lost, not just by map, but mentally too , in which case I cannot do much unless someone admits that they mentally have an issue.

Around 12.00-13.00 I added a photo of my house outside and coordinates in google maps to help her in case her story that she is constantly lost is true. But then she started saying she is already far far away into athens city center (having a laugh at me too?) so it would take 2 hours to finally get back towards Pireas where I live. And where she started her trip at 08.30 that morning:/ 

As i said, her profile show many refs , all positives, and her photos show a very organized regular tourer. So I dont get why it took her so many hours to do a distance of 5 -6 km straight from Pireas Port to my home. I gave a full address with postcode, others find it right away (im also in couchsurfing) and she got so lost that ended up in athens?!? How could that be? ....

I dont like this. For sure I hope not all tourers are like that.  I look forward hosting an honest and trully friendly tourer. 

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Showing up late is not

Showing up late is not uncommon, and easily forgiven, but constantly asking for help throughout the day ("do you see me?  where are you?") is not very nice and - imo - you don't have to put up with it.   The whole thing sounds weird - I don't know how I could tour if I could not deal with getting lost.   Being independent is part of the charm of touring for me (not that I was happy 30 years ago when my crappy, gas station purchased, US East Coast map somehow sent me onto I-95 during rush hour). 

IMO, hosts should not set our day around the guest's schedule, and similarly, the guest shouldn't feel that showing up late is a huge problem.   Neither should push for help all day, at least in my opinion.   A flat tire and a wrong turn can add an hour to a day on the road.   

But everyone has their own expectations, so I try to set mine clearly, and I try to be careful.  Usually work or some other issue kills me instead of the other party, but occasionally I say NO if I don't like the way it feels or sounds, whether a guest or a host.  I would think that is reasonable. 

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