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Many requests, only one guest

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Many requests, only one guest

A record number of requests to be hosted in my home during 2018. As my profile shows I always respond. The number of people not following up after their initial contact - or a second one - is also on the rise.
Often I spend time on giving information like where to go, en route to me.
Local advice could be helpful and useful.

Other Warmshowers members experience the same 'silence', and are increasingly not amused. Plans of touring cyclists may change for whatever reason. If a host-to-be doesnot get a message, he or she might not be in the mood to reply to a next request.

By the way, I cannot host very often. Another reason why only one WS cyclist made it to my guestroom this year.

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Request confirmation

I have had the same problem in the past.  Now when I get a request, I make sure they understand I will host AS LONG AS by X time/date they confirm they are wanting to stay with me as I understand they may send out multiple requests and decide another host is better for their situation. If I do not hear anything back by X time/date, I tell them I will assume they do not need me to host but if their plans change and they do indeed me to host to recontact me as I may no longer be available.

This requires a positive response on their part and if they do not respond and/or decline, I am not beholden to host them.  If they do indeed reply that yes, they want me to host, I then send them all the usual info, directions to the house, phone number, etc.  This has worked pretty well.  I still have gotten 1 no-show but that was down considerably.

Maybe others will respond on what works for them.  Hope this helps, John

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nice trick, I dont get so

nice trick, I dont get so many requests what buffles me is geptting request to host  3 ppl when i state clearly on the profile i can only host 1 !!!!!! sorry for my excitement but i hate when this happens, it means they NEVER read even a tiny bit of my long profile (i made it long text today hehehe,it was far shorter and it indicated clearly i can host only one...). I have no idea why so many travellers on both here and couchsurfing treat prospective hosts as garbage...... Is this about hospitality or is this about something else

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Hospitality or Something Else??

I just woke up so let me get on my soapbox.  I would say it depends.  Originally, I believe it was 90% hospitality/meeting other cyclists and 10% was "I need a cheap/free place to stay and it is all about me".  Now I would say it is more 50/50 unfortunatley.  I don't know if CouchSurfing/Air BnB, etc. exasperates this or not but it seems possible.  To me, the cultrual trend, at least in the USA, is that is a lot of people think only of themselves.  Look at the people with different view, employer/employee relationship, marriages (if they even marry), getting in line, etc.  Everything is "it only matters what I think/want".  It seems plain old courtesy and consideration are no longer expected cultural norms.  I will now step down. :-)  John


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 It seems plain old courtesy

 It seems plain old courtesy and consideration are no longer expected cultural norms.  


I see many profiles have become on a negative tone 'this is not a freeloaders heaven / please reat y entire profile'' and so on.

Its sad but also its a way to stop the abusive types.  I thik reviews arent so honest.  I wish there was a way to re-edit a review because sometimes a guest present in your house is perfect guest but once he lives he may do things that you find horrid like sharing your telephone/email with arbitrary ppl he meets on the road and asking them to contact you, or  you discover he mentioned you in his/her blog in a negative view..... You then realize you left a glorious feedback for a good guest but who later on became abusive of your trust. We must be able to edit positive reviews as sometimes we hav emore to experience with a guest even after he/she/they left our home.

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