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Passive Aggresive guests?

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Passive Aggresive guests?

I have many requests cause I am near a port from which ppl get ferry to Turkey. I have turned down a lot when they are more than 1 and when they are 1 person but on conversation they dont hit me as anything more than 1 night freeloading. Although in fact I dont mind freeloading if its one night, I see it as helping someone on his/her way and me one day when I travel I might do the same, just go and sleep in a host's lace for 1 night without much ''socialization''. 

My problem is that some of those i reject come back with ''so for disturbing you'' which means they are bittere or what? Cmon, its a lot of hosts in athens!!   And then, when I do meet cyclists or travellers in general , they tell me the same thing , how more hospitable are the Turkish people, and how they saw a huge change of culture from Turkey to Greece (many finish up with Turkey before returning to Europe via Pireas where I live), and how they find Greeks to be ''so much less hospitable than Turkish members of WS''.

Because im told very often this story over and over on every single traveller ichat with who has been both to Turkeyand Greece and when the same person asks me for hosting and i deny they immediately remind me once again how much more hospitable the Turkish population is.... I actually always AGREE, cause yes its true that hitchhiking cars, or askng arbitrary TUrkish people for hosting, you may get a yes far more than in any Greek place. That is true. And it is about culture. in Greece we have been hospitable up to 1950 or so, after that we changed and now we are afraid even of each other. A Greek person would never give shelter to another Greek person.....  For me to ask this from any Greek person even if im on a bike touring, is equivelant with losing my dignity instantly. The answer i would take is ''dont you have money for a hotel? if you dont why are you begging?''. 

But in Turkey they dont see it this way. They see a traveller and stil venerate the value of having a guest. 

So I agree with the travellers who come to Greece with a grundge ''why Greeks arent as hospitalble as my Turkish friends....who even cooked for me giant Turkish meal and kept me for a week meeting their entire family..'. Im sick of tired of hearing this. I dont have a giant greek family and i dont even cook :/ I am not a typical Greek the way they want a Greek to be that is, and they are dissing out on me:/ Most tourists I chat with here come here with this attitude and especially cyclists cause they been for a month all over asian-middle east countries where hospitality is still far more important than it is in Greece and people there are far more likely to host a 'stranger', they come here thinking Greece is part of the Middle Eastern mentality of hospitality and when they dont find it they get passive aggressive with their comments. 

I will not host ever a tourer coming from Turkey as when I did that as airbnb manager almost always they came to be with ''look how better Turkish people are at giving shelter+food to us, and you do nothing''. 

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I think you've just come

I think you've just come across some really unpleasant guests! WS is much bigger than it used to be and bike touring is more popular. As a result there are more nasty people using WS. 

I've been hosting in Istanbul since 2007 but I have only had two guests in the last three years. (There are hundreds of hosts now, and I used to be one of only about ten). When people come to Istanbul from Greece they obviously want to complain about things that they've experienced in the last few days. So I get: 

1. There's so much rubbish on the roads in Turkey! Greece and Bulgaria are better! (true, by the way)

2. Why are dogs sometimes aggressive in Turkey? Greek people control their dogs. 

3. (Usually said much more politely) - It's a pity that Turkish buildings aren't as nice as the ones in Greece

4. Turkish people are hospitable but my god, some of them don't know when to stop asking personal questions!!!!

And I love cycling in Greece - I do just wish you had your prices in Turkish lira through! :)

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Re: whingeing guests

Living in northern Australia I hear something similar (though almost never from bicyclists, more from couchsurfers/backpackers) about how in "Asia" everything is cheap and people don't care about money ... they don't think to take the same attitude and not care about how expensive Australia is!

Privileged middle-class people can travel, but it doesn't always succeed in broadening their mind - their yardstick is how much they can get for nothing, not what they can learn or even contribute!

Maybe a reference for people rude enough to tell you you aren't hospitable enough would be a way to send a message to them and future guests that it's not your duty to cook for them, entertain them and generally provide them with everything they could want.  I wonder how many generous hosts in Turkey say goodbye to those types of guests and think 'why didn't they give anything in return?' (not money, just generosity in its many forms)

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thanks for the nice from Türkiye!

thanks for the nice comments..everytime wait to Türkiye! love from Türkiye!..

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thank you very much..

thanks for the nice comments..everytime wait to Türkiye! love from Türkiye!..

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A few comments

I have spent very little time in Greece, so I can't really comment on that, but the impression of many people I spoke with here in USA is the same as yours - that the Turkish people are more hospitable and generous towards tourists.  I understand Greece has been going on an economical crises for quite a while and it must have been very hard on people living there, and also Greece has been oversaturated with tourists over many decades, so the attitutes are bound to be somewhat different. However, having these kinds of an expectations from hosts, no matter where you are, is also wrong.

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