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Reporting a host

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Reporting a host

How do I report what I believe to be a host using the site for the wrong purpose?

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Is it ok to ask what happened

Is it ok to ask what happened? 

I saw some hosts profiles are actually bike shops and they dont shy away from that fact. They are professionals who offer tours by bike, or they repair bikes etc. They mention it on their profile. Do you think thats the wrong thing to do?

Unless you mean the 'lover boys' who use such networking sites to hook their next 'adventure' (boy or girl, doesnt matter). I hate bigotry and lies, this is part of interaction sometimes with someone, but for sure, it has to be done in a way that doesnt annoy the host or guest even the slightest. I think I can tell before I say yes or not to hosting if someone is in the hook up business and trust me, imnot saying hook ups are punishable by god, but it should not/never be the intention when asking to be hosted. I had a travelelr with zero references here but many positive ones in couchsurfing, ask me over and over the same question and even sounded like copy pasting 'are you there next 3 days i arrive bla lablablablabla ''. I wondered what is going on with him cause he seemed to be staying in Greece long time and not actually touring. He always said he is arriving from Peloponese but he said that over the course of 1,5 months like 3 times with 2-3 weeks apart. As if he thinks im an idiot, or I bet, he sent copy-paste msg to all hosts and didnt care if the msg was the same as before 2 weeks? 

And why would he do that? I dont know to which hosts he did sent it, but if he was trying to meet a female host I hope he succeeded. He didnt seem poor and unable to pay a cheap hostel in Athens so I assume he was staying 2-3 weeks in some hostel or airbnb while still trying to meet ppl via warmshowers. In that case, he may have been trying to hook up, which is not why warmshowers was made. I would prefer if instead of the insulting copy-paste 'im arriving in3 days from peeloponese'' msg, he actually took the time to write a humane text like ''i am alreadyin athens and want only to meet ppl a already live in a airbnb/hostel''. That would be more humane....

Asking me to host him, persistently, (3 times) over the course of 1,5-2 months, and saying the same thing each request is just bizarre if not a failed attempt to meet someone other than for practical ends.

PS: I once asked while not on tour (just backpacking ) thosting in Holland via warmshowers I was about to rent  a bike from amsterdam and cyle to zandvoort merely. That would be a day and that would not be 'touring'. But i wondered if i can find ahost I found one host who said she happily give me 1 night so that i dont do the entire thing in one day as im not fit. Im  struggling even to walk due to some drug withdrwal issue. So she was kind at that point I answered I will bring with me handmade by me cosmetic that was used in ancient greece (melting real beedwax with honey that is, balsamo) and that i will make one for her as a thank you. What i got in reply is an angry email asking me if i promote my ''products'' using this site and tryng to frame me to answer so that she can report me i guess to warmshower. I replied that i dont produce products, its just for my own use and i offered to thank her with a piece of balsamo! OMG How hostle ppl can get when you try to bring a gift? Since then i really avoid mentioning gifts in my reuqests cause ppl seriously misunderstand every word.

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