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Cycling Friends,

I use for many years the site W. S to organize my travels I solicite other members of the community.
I often wait several weeks for their answer.
This long wait handicaps my organization.

For information:
In a city in the south of France I counted:
47 members W. S
16 members had a response rate of 0%
1 member posted a response rate of 100%

Do the applications reach their recipient?
Are their answers properly routed?
Members of the community should be recommended to comply with or indicate their availability in the case of the city of southern France,

it is not normal for a third of the members not to respond to any request

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There are problems when

There are problems when replying to a request by email.

That is why it is much better to reply to requests by logging in on the web site. I hope that this is now in the mail messages that WS sends out. They said they would look into in chang this. (But the problem with the mail has been known for a very long time.)

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Merci de ta réponse,

Le probleme est connu depuis trés longtemps.

J'epère qu'un dispositif adapté sera bientot  mis en place .


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