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Greece: via Egnatia by cycloturism?

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Greece: via Egnatia by cycloturism?

Hallo everyone,


I was wondering if someone already tried to cycle the Via Egnatia in northern Greece? From what I can understand, it is partially paved and partially not - and mostly a MTB or a hiking way. I have a touring bicicle, not a MTB. If someone has some first hand information - also only about part of the trip, it would be very welcoming!

If not: other road suggestion to cross the north of Greece? (Igoumenitsa - Istanbul?)

Grazie mille,


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Via Egnatia

Hi Veronica,

I did cycle Norhtern Greece back in 2013. I came accross signs marking the Via Egnatia several times. From what I understood it just crosses the road but you can't follow it as it's not maintained as a road to use.
I cycled the part between Kulata (Bulgarian-Greece border check point) and Fakia (in Bulgaria) passing through Thessaloniki, Kavala and Asprovalta. But that was in October and traffic was fine. 

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