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From PARIS to southern Europe starting April 27th

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From PARIS to southern Europe starting April 27th

Hi there !

I'm organizing a cycling trip from Paris - where I live - down to the south of Europe (southern Italy or Croatia/Greece).
I'm looking for companions, whether for the whole journey or just a part of it.

I'm planning on doing about 120km per day with one-day-long stops every now and then, for sightseeing.
I'm more than open to camping and warmshowers, but that's subject to discussion.

Nota bene : pretty much everything is subject to discussion, even the direction.
The only thing I care about is leaving Paris on April 27th, since I'm impatient about the whole thing :-) 
I'm on leave at work till the June 10th and plan on going as far as (pleasantly) possible, then come back to Paris by plane.

I speak English - French - German - Polish



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