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Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kazakhstan

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Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kazakhstan

Hi. Would like to inform you that I bought an airticket 17April to Bukhara and return from Tashkent 6May and intend to make a trip: Bukhara Samarkand Penjikent Khojand Fergana Tashkent Turkistan Shymkent Tashkent. Would like to invite you to join me and appreciate your comments if you have them. Regard. Robin

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Central Asia Bike Travel

Hi Robin,hi I am looking forward to heir your central Asia Bike Travel story  ! Pl.write it gere ,How was it .Greetings Sarasbinjola

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Hi Saras. It was wonderful.

Hi Saras. It was wonderful. Specialy in Tadjikistan. Everywhere nice warm people... I often felt like very different bcos they dont understand a pleasure of cyclist (they asked me several times who is paying me to cycle), they dont understend also why I dont eat meat and why O dont have a wife and kids...

It is not easy to be vegan there, at all... I got few rainy days but most were sunny and very pleasant. Roads mostly fine.

I spent there in 18 days 150USD inclusive one internal flight. You may see some photos on my FB.

Enjoy. Robin


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Wow ! Thanks

Hi Robin thank you very much for answering fast.nice to here that you had enjoyed it.Yes I,ll check your profile.I,m going to bike Pameer Highway this summer,I,ll be looking for some more tips,If you don't mind Thanks indeed.Greetings saras

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