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Cycling from the Netherlands to Italy may - july 2019

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Cycling from the Netherlands to Italy may - july 2019

Hey everyone!

This spring/summer I'm cycling to Italy from my home in the Netherlands! I would like to follow an Eurovelo route, but I haven't really planned everything out yet. :)

I'm a student (22 years old) and going to start my masters in architecture this september. I love being outdoors and I'm really looking forward to this adventure! 

Is there anyone (m/f) who would like to join me (for a part of) this journey?

Would love to hear from you!

Kind regards,


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Which is your route in Italy? I may join you for a while

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Hi! I’m a student from Canada biking from Amsterdam to Florence starting around June 5! Will we overlap? 


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A very similar trip

Hi Jasmijn,

I'm planning to do almost exactly the same your as you but I'll be starting from Amsterdam in 3 weeks. I'd be really interested to hear about your route and experience and in also keen on the outdoors and I'm also an architect! 

My plan is to take the Rhine cycle path towards the Alps but veer off at some point and cross through Switzerland to Italy. Then cycle across the top of Italy and into Slovenia. I'm then going to continue on down the Balkans. I have 5 months off work so will also be doing some building and meeting some intert people doing self build eco housing along the way. 

Looking forward to hearing about your trip.


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