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Touring San Juan islands washington

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Touring San Juan islands washington

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I will be tent camping most of the time so I would like information on camping and also inexpensive hotels. Can anybody help me

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Biking San Juans

Washington State parks are required to  take hikers.  The fee is usually 5-7$. Oregon has same policy. On San Juan Island the county park at the end of the Island is an awesome place to camp.  Cyclist have the most awesome view from the best campsite in the park! 
Taking the ferry fro Seattle to San Juan Island then island hop back is a great way to seel the islands. With a little planning you could also see the Canadian Gulf islands, they are the same basic island group divided by an international bounday.
Lopez, Orcas, & San Juan are islands you can camp on.
Have a great time.

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