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Sicily and west coast of Italy May-June

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Sicily and west coast of Italy May-June

Hello everyone, I'm starting my Sicilian tour by the end of May.

It will look something like this:

Ragusa, Agrigento, Palermo, ferry to Napoli, Pompei, Amalfi and down to south along the coast to Sicily again - Taormina, Catania, Siracusa. Finishing on Malta. 

The route is not fixed and I'm not limited by time or money so my plan is to enjoy this trip as much as possible but to finish it before the high tourist season.

I am 40 years old graphic designer from Belgrade, experienced cyclist, camper and nature lover. Depending on the terrain and weather I usually do around 80+ km per day but don't mind going slower. I usually plan my trips around the places I wish to visit, not the mileage.

If someone's in the area during the said period I'd be happy to meet you :)

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Ciao Marko! I am Raphael from

Ciao Marko! I am Raphael from France.

I am planning to cycle around Italy this summer, probably going to Sardignia first, and then go to the west coast to cycle back to France.

So far, I have no dates, no tickets, nothing planned, but most likely I will start end of June or July. No Idea where will you be at that time, but if still in Italia, maybe we could meet and cycle together for a while!

I am also an experienced traveler, wild camper and nature lover ( I live in wild patagonia most time of the year!)




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Hi Raphael, I was thinking

Hi Raphael, I was thinking about Sardinia too but it seemed too much for this tour but again who knows. I am still in Serbia because of work and will stay here for another week or so. First I will fly to Malta and then catch a ferry to Sicily. Lets stay in touch I'll keep you posted about my progress. It would bi nice to share the road for some time. Cheers!

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