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Should all Warm Showers Guests Be Members?

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Should all Warm Showers Guests Be Members?

I had a Warm Showers member contact me to spend the night, along with a friend he is cycling with. Should we expect the friend to be a member and to be identified as a standard practice?

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RE: Should all Warm Showers Guests Be Members?

As a general rule, I would say "yes". It is easy for them to sign up. I met someone touring who was not a member and he spent the night. While at my home I had him use my computer and sign up. That seemed to be an easy fix.

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You are in charge, of course

You are the host, so you get to make the rules here, of course. You are never obligated to host anybody, whether they're a member or not.

As hosts, many of us host people we meet in various ways, so it would be a bit odd to make rules about who a host can allow.

Many, many couples have a single account though. And there are good arguments for two or three people riding together to use a single account.

Again, you're in charge.

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reciprocity-Should all Warm Showers Guests Be Members?

Warmshowers is based upon reciprocity. While there is no way to police the site for pseudo members that sign up for their tours and then suspend their accounts, I would expect that everyone I hosted via warmshowers would “pass it on”. Several times cycle-tourists contact me via or other groups to ask for advice and accommodations. I've always encouraged them to join warmshowers. Indeed, today one member that I hosted, and motivated to join the group, is hosting, in Kiev, another member I’ve hosted. One of my “recruits” actually moved to western China and hosted several members to date. Even if the person cannot actually host, they can offer local advice, repairs etc..

Plus, I like to have a small bio prior to hosting and the ability to provide comments for other members.
Jary Poland via Spokane, USA

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Should WarmShowers Guests all Be Members

I have concluded that all WarmShowers guests should be members as it enables the host to check them out before accepting. So when we ask a host if we can stay, we should identify all members of our party.

When I asked if the other rider was a member, he was not, but he joined and created a profile.


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I agree that couples with a

I agree that couples with a joint account can avoid the double registration and request for hosting.