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Cooking on the Back of a Bike

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Cooking on the Back of a Bike

My farmer husband and I are in our 60's and  have E bikes so need electricity anyways to recharge, so we brought an electric hotplate and cooked on the back. Thought you all would get a kick out of it. Glamping!

Don't know why the photo is sideways.

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Cooking on the Back of a Bike

How interesting.  
I would be concerned about losing electricty on a tour.  I've been in some pretty remote places that had no power for a long, long ways.  It would work for a fixed route, & may be less hassle?  We have 200W solar power & 246AH batter bank in our van  & can charge charge my wifes HPV pedelectric trike pretty easy at 3500 watts.  We tend to plan on 35-45 hilly mile or about 65 on flat starting with a full charge.  Curious if you have been stranded yet?  Her bike is rideable on the flats w/o power, but not loaded or up hills.
Interesting idea, would have to weigh the difference to try it though & space is at a preminium when I self tour.|
Let us know IF you get to Oregon.


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James Patrick,  LOL, I don't

James Patrick,  LOL, I don't know what made you think we are going to Oregon!!! Must've mixed me up with someone else!  And no, so far, we have never been stranded.  I am currently doing the GAP/C&O bike trail from Pittsburgh to Wash DC with a couple people!  No electric stove on this trip...Most people want to stay at B&B's etc so I am tagging along and taking notes for when my husband and I will do this ride (340 miles on a bike trail without any cars!!!!  ) and we can bike and tent and cook on the electric stove top!!!  Thanks for writing!