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Chiapas, now (June 28th onwards)

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Chiapas, now (June 28th onwards)

Hi all,

a boy in his late 20s here, setting off on my bike from San Cristobal tomorrow the 28th, heading SE. Plan to skirt the border with Guatemala where possible and make my way to the coast, think Tapachula. I'm looking for volunteer opportunities so if I find the right one will stop there, and am quite open to taking buses and rides too. My spanish is still basic though I've been in Mexico 3 months now so understand a fair amount.

Hoping to find 1-50 others to ride with at least for 500 metres.

MUST be able to ride on two wheels unassisted, leap tall buildings in a single bound and sing while riding uphill.

You can reach me on the whatsapp at +1 250 814 8935


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