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house leaners, no kickstands?

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house leaners, no kickstands?

HI, Just wondering if anyone has had any good experiences with some form of commercially available outdoor bike rack that can accomodate loaded touring cycles. (maybe 4)   I host about 30 cyclists per year the vast majority riding with no kickstands which generally mean they need to lean their cycles against painted surfaces (walls and stuff) to pack up or whatever.   I guess it's no big deal other than some  scuffs, chips and scratches here and there .  But I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

Most of the moderately priced racks I've seen really don't look substantial enough to keep a loaded bike from tipping over or staying upright while jostling through panniers and racks and such.  I supposed I could have one built out of wood but I'd rather just buy/order one from a local bike shop or via the Worldy wide interweb and screw it together..

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Without doubt a little bit of

Without doubt a little bit of lumber and maybe some cheap PVC pipe would be sufficient to make your own rack.

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