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Feeling conflicted about hosting in an Airbnb space

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Feeling conflicted about hosting in an Airbnb space

Maybe the community here can help me figure out how to host with a happy heart- I am feel conflicted currently. 

My wife and I own our home and partitioned part of the basement to rent out. During the school year we rent to students, during the summer, we list it on Airbnb, and have had a few Warmshowers folks stay in there. I'm currently unemployed for longer than I expected to be, so the Airbnb income is nice to have when people book it. Last week we had a guest who'd arrived and settled in when I got a very late notice booking from Airbnb and had to choose between resettling the WS guest or cancelling the Airbnb booking. (I didn't think to mark the date off on our Airbnb calendar since we'd never gotten such a late booking before- 8pm same day)

We're apparently on a hot route in 2019- we've had our space in use four nights in the last two weeks, compared to just two messages (both no-shows) last summer. We have a fellow coming later this week, and just got a message from another gal looking to come tomorrow night. I'm just feeling a bit bitter about doing for Warmshowers essentially the same thing I do for our Airbnb guests, but for free. If we were in a better financial situation I'd be happy to freely host as much as our schedule allows, but while we're also dipping into our savings to pay the bills, it's different. 

I know I could always say no to any request, but I feel bad since we're the only hosts on the map in a pretty remote area, and camping in the desert isn't terribly comfortable. Part of me wants to suggest they book our Airbnb at a discount, but that feels like a bait-n-switch, and is probably against the rules. I've also thought about asking guest to camp in our yard and allow them to use the bathroom in the Airbnb if not occupied, with the request to leave it as clean as they found it. That seems like the logical solution to me, but I suppose I just feel bad not inviting a WS guest to use the space when I could- I'm conflicted. 

What do you think?

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I do WS and AirBnB as well

You have to do what works best for you.

Our AirBnB is an apartment in our back yard.  Most of our WS guests stay inside our main house in our guest bedroom, so there is no conflict there.  If we have multiple WS guests on a single night (our record is 7), we have them place their tents in the back yard.  We only allow tents in the back yard if there is no one in the AirBnB unit (as the yard is part of the package).  On the occasions when neither the guest room or back yard are available, I let my potential WS guests know that I have a patio to offer them; to either put their tent up there or sleep on the patio lounges.  Most cyclists are greatful for a place to safely stop and rest, so this has never been a problem.

More and more cyclists are traveling without tents.  I find it it important to clarify arrangements prior to confirming a stay.  I also confirm with riders the time they need to leave in the morning if it is a work morning for me.

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Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experience, Ken. I think you're right, I am sticking with offering just tent space and use of the bathroom before night. 

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Ken is exactly correct in

Ken is exactly correct in that you have to take care of yourself first and foremost.  Hopefully you can figure a way to satisfy your cycling guests and be available for AirBnB customers.  I also heard a second issue in your post and that was cyclists who are no shows.  I have begun the policy of asking for a confirmation reply from cyclists.  As you probably know, many send out several requests to hosts and then decide to stay at the one that best suits their needs.  The request for a confirmation, for me, has so far weeded out all of the no-shows. 

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B&B on WS list

Hi Ned - I ran a very busy B&B on the C&O Towpath for ten years. I had been on WS list prior to that (before fall 2007) and early on during the business. As my home and inn became ever busier, I found I was unable to share space for WS guests amidst my paying guests. And in the rare instance I'd blocked off some time from the business, cleaning up after more guests was the last thing I wanted to do. So I dropped my WS membership and only renewed it once I closed the B&B at the end of 2016. Of course during that time I was unable to use the list on my own bike tours, but I also had less time and more money and so was able to pay for more lodging. It's good to be back--both as a guest and a host! But you do what you have to do given your circumstances.

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I've also thought about

I've also thought about asking guest to camp in our yard and allow them to use the bathroom in the Airbnb if not occupied, with the request to leave it as clean as they found it >> this is the best option.

You need to think on you and your family first of all. Warmshowers, Couchsurfing etc... we do it when we can and we offer what we can. Simple as that.

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