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misleading info in profile

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misleading info in profile

My profile says I have 0% responsivity based on no responses to 1 request for hosting. This despite 3 (or is it 4 now) times hosting. I suppose the statistic is based on responses to messages, but I have asked guests to phone me because I don't get to my email promptly.

May I also take this opportunity to remind guests to leave a little feedback. I enjoy seeing those, and I'm sure it helps other prospective guests.

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I think you can still send a

I think you can still send a reply to that message that you got. Then your response rate will go up again.

Phone messages are an effective way to get in contact, but as a host I also ask people to send a message from their WS account. So that I can see their profile, references, etc.

Anyway, I sent you a message. Just answer it with a "." or something, and your response rate will go up.

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Message via system!

We also had similar experience and found out, it makes a difference to answer to an email you get via the system or to answer direct out of the system. When answering via email the system can’t know about your message!

anyway, we only answer to requests via the system and not by call as we want to see the guest profile and references. So I agree with your ask for feedbacks! These you also only can get, if first the request also was sent by the system.

good luck!

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