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CSV Data export

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CSV Data export

I was trying to export the warmshowers data to a garmin POI file. And then I
found a small error in the CSV data output. Take for example user: Stuart
Russell (

Location: Lat: 44.840440, Lon: -0.580500
Location in the CSV output: "44.84044","0.5805"

The minus sign (-) at the Longitude is missing in the CSV file. I thinks this
happens with all Longitudes between -0.99999 and 0.

Here is a plot of the users in the csv file. You can see there are no users
showed between -1 and 0.

Best regards,

Luke Otto

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Sorry, I seemed to have lost

Sorry, I seemed to have lost your email about this problem. I'll take a look when I get a few minutes.

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I did debug and fix this; probably should have been working on other things :-)

You hit a very interesting Drupal views bug, which is probably still there years later. However, I was able to work around it, and now you get the negative values between -1 and 0 for both longitude and latitude.

Please take a look.


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Hi Randy, Thanks for fixing

Hi Randy,

Thanks for fixing this! It looks now everything is in the right place.


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