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Can a couple share one account?

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Dear Warmshowers Community, we know this is a time of concern for everyone around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In an effort to streamline communication and better address the current needs of our community in a timely manner, we are temporarily disabling the forums and directing everyone to the Warmshowers Facebook Group. This will allow the Warmshowers Community a centralized place for comments, questions, and concerns related to touring and hosting. As always, we ask that you follow our community guidelines when posting.

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Can a couple share one account?

Is it possible for my husband and I to share one account? We host and both ride.

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There are quite a few

There are quite a few examples of that, also writing in this forum. But I do not think there is an option to couple two mail adresses or two phone numbers to the same account. I suppose you could just write the phone numbers also in the profile if you wanted to.

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I think listing contact info is not a good idea

I have seen many problems arise when communication is not through the WS site.  With a phone call you may not be able to find the users profile and really have no idea who this person is. If they end up not showing up, or stealing from you, you have no means to leave feedback or notify WS with a user profile.  

I will give contact info only after confirming with a host or guest through the WS website.

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What is so scary?

Ken, what are you afraid of? What is so scary of having one's phone number in a directory?

With all the problems that WS is having with the app and the website, I think alternative ways of communication are necessary. Few people see their email immediately, too much spam. So I follow up with an SMS to their phone if they do not react. I may also try to find them on Couchsurfing, which has an app with a distinctive notification sound, really good for safe communication on the platform.

But on WS, not even when I am logged in I see a notification on the web page. That is invisible unless I am om my profile, as has been pointed out for a very long time now. I do not know if you are still on the Board (where can one read who is on it?), but almost nobody else with influence is communicating here. 

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I am posting in this thread as a user, and not as a Board Member

First off, I don't answer calls or return texts from any number I don't recognize.  I get too many automated calls.  Second, I would never accept a WS guest without first reviewing their profile. I would encourage others to do the same.

Pieter, you wrote, "With all the problems that WS is having with the app and the website".  I have not heard of any of my guests having difficulty getting messages/requests through to me, nor have I had any problem with finding hosts on my recent trip.  From a user perspective, the website has worked very well for me. I am not sure what problems you are speaking about.  As for the apps, they are currently not a part of the equation.  They should not be used as they are not currently supported. 

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The problems I speak about

Ken, I mentioned a problem in the previous message: this web page does not show a notification of unread messages in one's inbox. And while you may be diligent at monitoring your email, I am not. 

And yes, many cyclists on tour are complaining in this forum about how cumbersome the web interface is on their phone. It consumes lots of data transfer to download pretty graphics, which also takes time when one is in the woods with poor mobile coverage. I have had only had one WS guest this season, and she had not been able to find my location info and phone number on my profile page. So I now I have put my phone number in the text part of my profile, as a workaround for poor web design.

Loads of cyclists want an app, look at all the messages on this forum. WS is silent about it, ignored the issue in the latest newsletter.

Yes, I check guests' profiles before accepting. But the amount of junk in my email is enormous, while junk phone calls are rare here.

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Asking to reply first with

Asking to reply first with email and follow up with phone could work.  This gives the network accountability with reasonable notification time...  I have no cell phone anyways, so SMS is useless to me and I would only get messages when I can check email or get home to check voicemail.  I realize this has become an instant gratification world, but I'm not getting a cell phone just for that.  This reminds me I need to register negative feedback for a potential guest who didn't reply to cancel their request and never showed up.

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We do!  :-)

We do!  :-)

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Thanks. Have followed your example.

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yes we can

We have only one profil easier to manage 

I can travel alone or in couple just inform  the hosts if I need one bed or two