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Touring Poland August/September 2019

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Touring Poland August/September 2019

Hello! My name’s Mike. I’m 30 years old, visiting from Seattle, WA. I’m going to be starting my tour around Poland next week. I’m leaving from Berlin on Sunday the 4th or Tuesday the 5th. The general plan is to bike R10 along the Baltic coast to Gdansk, then ride the Eurovelo trail into the southern part of the country. After that I’d love to ride through the hills around the High Tatras the south, maybe ride into Slovakia, before heading to Krakow. After Krakow I’ll be riding to Warsaw and Wroclaw. I’m riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker that’s set up for gravel and mild mountain bike trails. My itinerary is pretty loose, so I’m very open to detours. I should mention that I’m vegan, but am not offended by other people’s eating habits. Please feel free to hit me up if you’d like to join me!

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Hi Mike. Please check out

Hi Mike. Please check out these 2 trails. These are mostly asphalt but with many gravel parts. I strongly recommend both - GREAT views.

1) Green Velo (very well marked)

2) Trail from Kraków to Częstochowa (well marked)


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