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Cycling New Zealand

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Cycling New Zealand

Hi there! I'm looking at cycling NZ and looking for suggestions and/or cycling buddies! I'm looking at Jan or Feb, 2020 or 2021. Looking forward to hearing from you all!!!

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New Zealand

Hey Crystal,

I also have a loose plan to cycle New Zealand this coming winter (2019-20). I will have a 2 week vacaction around that time, although the dates are not decided yet. It will likely be late december and/or early january. From the little bit of research that I've done, the North island seems ideal for me (it has Hobbiton and the weather will be a bit warmer). Let's keep in touch and if we can't coordinate an entire ride, we should at least meet up for a bit.



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Cycling nz

Google tour aotearoa and also look at the tour aotearoa Facebook page.  Could give you some good ideas.  Forget about doing the organized event as to do this you must average 100 km a day.  But is a good route to follow but take your time

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Cycling NZ

2020 is a brevet year with around 1000 cyclists in 10 waves from early February. If you like the company and camp etc  you'll be fine. If you wantg a less converyoir belt experience start in thged South Island. Or diy your own route avpoidfing the TA highway. West coast NI is fantastic and will have very little cycling or car traffic.