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Please don't share your gastroenteritis (the trots, the runs, Montezuma's revenge...etc.)

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Please don't share your gastroenteritis (the trots, the runs, Montezuma's revenge...etc.)

I was nice enough to pick up a couple that was flying in from southeast Asia. They are from Belgium on a round the world tour. I was happy to pick them up knowing how difficult it is when you are jet lagged and in a strange place.

I brought them home, put them up in the guest bedroom. They were nice enough to offer to cook. Great!

Then I got really sick.

The problem: my guests both had some form of gastroenteritis, which I learned from internet searches, is very contagious.

WARNING: if you have an intestinal bug, don't cook for anyone. Intestinal bugs are very contagious and easy to pass along.

Unfortunately my guests were not understanding of my illness, when I asked them to leave after they had been at my home a week, they packed up and were gone without warning. They used all my laundry soap to boot. In spite of my hospitality, they were very insulted that I asked them to leave.

The touring cyclist is not on the same schedule as their hosts...please respect the host's need to keep the disruption to their routine to a minimum so they can make the money and pay the bills that will allow them to become adventurers on the road.

After all the effort I put into these guests, including taking them to the hospital for tests, they left without a word, and never mentioned any of the help I offered them. Its as if I didn't exist in their trip. How rude.

I also just learned that the guitar strumming half of the duo took the fret clip from the guitar that it is the guest room. My son noticed it when he came home to play it a couple weekends ago.

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Thoughtless/reckless cycling tourists

I am so very sorry that this happened to you. I have had thoughtless cyclists but nothing even close to this. I hope that you are able to get past this. But I wonder, why were they staying for you for a week? Do you mind my asking. My tourists usually stay only 1 or 2 days at the most. If these tourits are part of Warm Showers, it would be very helpful if you posted on their site. Best, R

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They stayed a week to recover

They stayed a week to recover from their illnesses and to then enjoy LA. I was trying hard to meet their needs, probably at the expense of mine. Finally I asked them to leave. They didn't seem to notice that their stay was becoming increasingly burdensome.

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too long!

I too think that 1 week was way too long for traveling guests to stay with a WarmShower host. The system works when the GUEST is just an overnight guest (or 2 days by invitation). The schedule of the HOST household is very important and should be respected by the traveling GUEST. I try to make my schedule clear when I accept/invite a WarmShower guest to my home. It is also a problem in the morning when the GUEST doesn't seem to want to 'get on the bike and go'!. If you are truly traveling through - you should plan on riding on early in the morning so that your HOST isn't inconvenienced or uncomfortable.

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week long "guests"...

Guests that arrive ill and then act like you run a hospital or clinic (free at that) for a week! Then upset that you asked them to go? Do believe these are not what Warm Showers is all about. I agree that guest should stay one night (2 ONLY if invited to stay) and if sick should not stay in a private home. Around the world on a limited budget is one thing, abusing the system is not nice!
There is a place for recommendations on this site.....

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Like Joe suggested already, is to write a recommendation about them. I think, you did that already. I suppose it must be the couple of

So if I'm reading things good, this topic is about a situation happened in March 2013.
To be honest....I'm surprised that you're waiting with this topic so long a time. Then maybe the recommendation you wrote, is been enough?

Well, both you as the guests have had positive recommendations, too. So I hope for you both, the other experiences in the future are positive again.

Unfortunatally I read you've had another negative experience, recently
(reading the recommends other writes about you and you about them)

In both situations I'm surprised of the different explanations that are written.
That must be strange for all of you.

Well, hope most contacts between hosts and guest will stay positive!!

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recommendation 2

I didn't finish the text, so a new supply.

It's not about the couple you were talking about, but about another experience from you with warmshowers, that I refer already in the other text.
(seems to be your text from 2 times of contact in 2012 and 2013, as a host and as a guest)

Despite you've done a lot for that man....I 'm wondering if you maybe have to much expactations of other people? wrote he is tired and ask to leave....and don't understand that. That suprised me after you're own experience, even if you're not there for a week, and even if you did things for him.
And....well his story says something else.

The true isn't important for me, the only thing is that this topic surprised me.
And I really wish you and other cyclers positive experiences! So I hope the next one will be a nice experience again!

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