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Inactive Last Access : No

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Inactive Last Access : No

My account is now marked as "Inactive"
A red text has appeared on the top of the page : Last Access : No
What happens ?

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Bruno, WS recently started having those members who have not logged onto the system in over a year become "inactive".  Unfortuatnely, you do not appear to be the case for you as your profile shows you have been a member for less than a year.  Probably more programming issues that may relate to the new "Inactive" status of some.

The reason WS is making an "Inactive" status for some is that there is a huge number of members who are supposedly available to host, yet never answer to requests, even if it is "sorry, can't host".  This is very frustrating to potential guests as they have to send out lots of requests to even get one response.  Therefore, the way I understand it is that now, only those that are "active" will show in the search results potentially helping the guests connect with a higher percentage of the fewer but willing hosts.

I also beleive that WS was to send an email warning you about your pending "inactive" status prior to actually making you "inactive" but am not positive about that.

Tailwinds, John

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We never get newsletters from

We never get newsletters from Warmshowers. Mentioned this couple of times before but apparantly nobody in charge is reading this.
I have this status too not on our front page but only on my feedback page though. We mailed this before to Bruno. 

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Think it must be a bug


We were logged in yesterday and are logged in now. Our status is available. We answered to a request this week and we also have that notice...


Michaela and Herbert

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Guess I was wrong

So much for my idea.  Guess another programming bug has shown up.

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