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Adventure Cycling routes on the Map

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Adventure Cycling routes on the Map

I've just enabled an experimental feature that shows several of the US Adventure Cycling routes overlaid on the map. Right below the map there's a checkbox to load the Adventure Cycling routes. Try it out!

The overlay for this is kind of rough, as you'll see. It's created by processing the GPX files that Adventure Cycling publishes on its website, and I was unable to get them perfect. You'll see quite a number of squiggles that don't belong there. However, if you're looking for hospitality along your route, you can probably figure out where the hosts are.

If you would just like to view the Adventure Cycling maps on Google Maps, Try this link.

Thanks to Jeff Lee for the basic idea and inspiration.

Enjoy! Let me know if you have questions or ideas. If any of you are able to construct a higher-quality KMZ file for the overlay using Google Earth, let me know and I'll use it. If you're interested in fiddling with it, the KMZ file is at

and the various files (including the GPX stuff from Adv Cycling) is in a zipfile at
Just make a better KMZ file and email it to me (see the contact page).


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Adirondack Loop?

Randy, any plans to add the adventure cycling Adirondack loop? We are in Saratoga Springs, and have a local bike tourism committee

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Re: Adventure Cycling routes on the Map

With Randy's guidance a new overlay for the map is now available. It includes all 22 Adventure Cycling Association routes.

A new thread was started on this feature (in this same forum) today to help publicize it.


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Adventure Cycling Association routes - Google Maps


Is there a way to see the Adventure Cycling Association routes outside of the window that WS provides on its home page?


Saint Louis, MO USA

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ACA routes

Hi Kurt,

Are you familiar with the Interactive Map that Adventure Cycling has on their website? Here is a link to it:

I hope that you find this helpful. If it doesn't answer your question please let me know.


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Adventure Cycling Routes

I am planning a trip using the Northern Tier Route. This new feature is just what I needed. Thanks