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my house is not on the map!

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my house is not on the map!

I have jist checked in to see if the web site was working again and discovered that my location is not on the map.  Should I not be able to see my own location on the map?  

Also I noticed that I have only donated $15 in 2015 but I have given every year since we were asked to donate to improve the web site.  I have not seen any improvement to the web site.  

I have just written to the last request for more money to say that I have not seen an improvement in the use of the web site and in fact it crashed this year just at the time that I was away with ny bike.  Also I have found that the only difference since the donation request has been the frequency of requests from non genuine cyclist tourers and folk who do not have any feedback and have not hosted.      An increase of 30,000 members is not a benefit if it does not work any more.  


Evelyn Morgan 

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