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Adding a feature that would show the rate of feedback after a confirmed stay

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Adding a feature that would show the rate of feedback after a confirmed stay


I had a few great experiences with my hosts or guests, and some of them never bothered leaving a feedback after their stay, how disappointing, especially when they didn't even respond after I asked them if they could leave one.

It would be nice when we look at a profile, to see the rate of feedback posted after a confirmed stay.


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Yes feedback is a great way to sustain WS

Yes i am also wondering why  people not leaving feedback. So a tool would be helpful, now you have to dig into profiles, Still that doesnt tell everyting. We visited some realy nice hosts or had guests who never got feedback from others.  As only this way you can see if somebody hosted, behaved well as guest, and has the courtasy to leave feedback for being host. It's a way which helps both potential guests and hosts to judge how involved the member is in supporting Warm showers. How in earth can one tell if somebody has hosted already when noone left him feedback nor did he left feedback for guests... So therefore I realy feel it's an important tool for the community as whole entity. 

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The WS system does not know

The WS system does not know if there was a stay. It only knows how many new message threads received a response on the system. It does not know if a new thread was a request to stay, it does not know if the response was accept or decline. It does not know about neither confirmations, cancellations, nor dates, so it could not send a reminder. It cannot compute a rate of feedback.

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No kidding ? :d Thanks for

No kidding ? :d Thanks for that valuable input ;)

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Great information about the system

Staying with hosts and not leaving feedbacks must be taken into account somehow. Feedbacks are the very backbones of any hospitality website.

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Leave Feedback!

This is why it is so important to leave feedback.  This is the clostest way WS has to identify an exchange in hospitality.