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Tour of Europe in 2020

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Tour of Europe in 2020

Hello warmshowers community!

Next year, in march more precisely, I'm starting a tour of Europe of 6-10 months from Lyon, France. Heading north, then visit East and last south of Europe.

The exact path is not define, I don't want it to be, but on the main lines :

Going up to Copenhagen, and decide to :

-Go even further up to stockholm and then Lettonia, Latvija by the baltic coast

-Focus on the East of europe (Berlin, Varsovie, Prague, Budapest)

-Descned up to Istambul and do the south of Europe

-Return home by bike

If someone has similar plans, is interested on the project, or do another trip with some chances to bike together in some parts let me know ;)

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I am posting new updates

I am posting updates about my project since I've drawed a first draft of the trip : 

Keep in mind that this is just a draft, but for now I have 11000Km to bike in 10 months, but I think that I'm gonna bike more than that :) 

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Next year would be 2020, not

Next year would be 2020, not 2019. :)

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You're right Jeff!

You're right Jeff!

I've changed my plans a bit since I've posted. I'm going to start biking in 3 weeks from lyon to Athenes, then go to the cap north and then make the route bike home :)

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Hi , I cannot open the map,

Hi , I cannot open the map, but it looks you will pass Gent -Belgium ....? If you do, feel free to ask for a couch  , if possible , (depending the time) I can bike together for one day (maybe 2 ) 

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Hi veerle, thanks for your

Hi veerle, thanks for your invitation! It's a screenshot of a website, since then I have changed my plans a bit : I'm going to Athènes first, and by crossing south of Germany and south of Austria before Slovenia, let's keep in touch once in Belgium ! (Later this year)

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East Europa


I have plan to cycling on east Europa from Montenegro on the end of April... Montenegro, Albania, North MAcedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Rusia, Estonia, Letonia.... more...



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hi Sarko,

hi Sarko,

We are doing a lot of contries in commun! I think I'll finish the south of Europe around the end of may but who know, let's keep in touch :) you know what itinerary you are gonna follow?

and also maybe I can visit you :)