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Donated bikes for Bahamas post Dorian

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Donated bikes for Bahamas post Dorian

Hi WS family         Jan 30, 2020

Ive been vol post hurricanes the past 5 years in Haiti, PRico, Virgin Isles and Hope Town Bahamas . also past 5 years in greece with our wave of humanity refugees.

Ild like to get 30-40 bikes donated in Ft Laudetdake area and a "raft" to get them to Hope Town, a ferry ride from Marsh Harbor.

Plus Marsh Harbor desperately needs bikes as much of our world with natural disaster and wars

So any leads or person to assist in Ft L area collecting bikes  greatly appreciated 

Put the fun between your kegs

Anne Cridler

WS host Guadalupe CA will take you mt bikin with pumas!






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