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You’re probably aware that mail notifications are - again - out of service, seemingly for weeks already. This basically makes the whole WS network useless since nobody is going to log every day to check for messages.

Worse, you didn’t even care to NOTIFY the community via the mailing list. Is that one defective too ? That’s really not respectful for users. I just remarked (thanks to an user that contacted me directly by telephone) I missed three host requests !

Before you pretend that this is related to my mail provider : I run my own mail server and certify that NOT ANY message coming form you reached my system for weeks.

It’s been years that this community is being plagued - or destroyed - by those endless technical problems. That’s really a pity and shows a real lack of governance. I believe there is a huge community of open source contributors that could migrate this (after all very basic) app to something working. And please, stop the bullshit about the so called pricacy risk regarding the openess of the code.

Please ! It is time to take action !

Matthieu Gaillet

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same problem here

We use yahoo email. My messages are no longer being forwarded, I missed two requests. As you say: "that makes the whole system pretty useless" for us that still use email.

I send a message to WS about the problem, but so far no response.

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Same here, missed two

Same here, missed two requests ...

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So, it's not just my mail

So, it's not just my mail server then.  I'm glad I came across this post as I have missed two messages this summer.  I am the first to moan about hosts not replying to messages, and now I'm one of them.  I've replied, too late of course, to the messages I've missed, and I just hope that those potential guests also know that I'm being genuine when I apologise for not receiving an email with regard to their message.


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Same - missed 2 requests

Same - missed 2 requests

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missed a request

I don't watch the website of WarmShowers often. But nowe I just happened to do it. Then I saw I had a message. Someone cycling from France wanted to be my guest ... but that was two weeks ago! I felt so sorry. Why didn't I receive en e-mail that I had a message? I searched the website for information on this topic, or if I had to click a certain button. Then I found this topic. I see I am not the only one. But then this problem is already going on for several months! 

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problem fixed?

I have been getting the requests forwarded to our email again. To me it seems like the problem was fixed about two weeks ago. I am too bothered though by the lack of communication and participation on this forum from "management". Let's hope it is realy "fixed", because his organization is awesome when it works,

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Your attitude

The technical problems with mail notifications is something to deal with and try to get rid of, but it should not be used as an excuse for your way of  treating your own WS angament. Your complaints, typ " I would be so happy to send my response to the requests you sent to me only if I got mail notifications right in time..." smell sheer hypocrisy, in not mendacity. So, you sit down with your computer and spend your time browsing your email accounts, so why not, at the same occasion, just open your WS account to check your message box, without going the indirect way via email? What's the problem, apart from your attitude to your membership in our community?

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Re: Your attitude

Piotr Wisniewski, you have made a very interesting point here, as I think what you are saying is that WS users should not rely on email notifications, but should check their WS account instead......or at least as well as.  A kind of "don't be so lazy" statement, right?  However, this is a little bit like saying even though your car has ABS, don't rely on it.  So why then does WS have the option, or at least facility, to send any messages to our email addresses if we shouldn't rely on it?  Indeed, why have ABS on your car if you can't rely on them.

Admin, if you are reading this, please remove the email notification facility and we can see what happens.

Happy cycling,


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Because notifications are the

Because notifications are the basics of any social network. Because it's advertised. Because there was a lack of communication from the board about this problem. Because those notification problems and more generally the discussion around the technical aspects of the WS network are there for years without any clear statement from the board as of why, how, when. 

... and speaking of an attitude, I find yours particularly rude, if not arrogant.

Subject closed for me, no need to answer. 

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Is it fixed?

So is the problem now fixed? I rely on email notifications as I get very few requests it isn't realistic to log in every day. Can I check that I have the site set to send notifications? I can't find where to so this.

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Problem fixed

Edward, it seems the problem is fixed. I receive e-mails from Warmshowers now. I get an e-mail when someone replies here, but also when someone wants to be my guest. 


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Thank you

Thank you. I missed two requests in July from what would have been my first two guests.