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Planning to be a Warmshowers guest?

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Planning to be a Warmshowers guest?

Dear bicycle tourists ... When you are planning to be a guest at the home of a Warmshowers host, please plan your trip in advance (as far as possible, at least a few days). Contact the hosts you want to visit already in your planning stage. 

When you contact a host when you're already on your way, like "I'm riding in your region at the moment, please can I be your guest tonight?", you can be disappointed because the host doesn't answer you. Or when you come at their door, they aren't there. Not everyone reads their messages all the time, so they might not know you are coming

If you did contact possible hosts in advance, not for fixing the appointment, but just for planning, then you know if they are available. You can still change your plans, f.e. when certain hosts are not available. And the chosen hosts are prepared to receive you as their guest. You can ask them for their phone number so you can phone them at the day you will be arriving.


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Exactly! The issue could not be formulated in a better way.

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yes and not


When I am sure to be at X on a precise date ( as arriving in aiport ) I could send message fews months before .... 

But when the weather is geting very bad suddenly we was very happy to be hosting without planning in advance ... 

I send texto rather mail ... and hopfully  some hosts says yes immediately

In australia after falling down ( bad gravel) we send a texto and the WS host call us back in 2 minutes , says OK , tell us  where was the keys as he wasn't at home anf says welcome

that is the magic effect of warmshowers ... :) 


thanks to them ....