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Concerns about hosting someone

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Concerns about hosting someone
I just got a text message from a French guy, who says he's been riding for 4 months, but he lost his wallet in Denmark (I am in the Netherlands). He only has 50 euros to return home, and he says he relies on my hospitality to welcome him.
I am unsure what to make of this message, but it feels very scammy to me. I have texted him back telling him to go to the French embassy, which luckily for him is in Amsterdam.
Has anyone encountered a message like this before? Parts of the message just don't seem to add up for me. How do you lose your wallet in Denmark but still make it to the Netherlands? That's two weeks of cycling at least. After telling him to go to the French embassy to seek help there, as this is what I did when I lost my wallet four years ago while touring, he immediatly became very angry over text message, insinuating I wasn't a cyclist and a terrible human being.
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It sounds scammy, but the

It sounds scammy, but the story could be true. I would check his WS account and any feedback he received. I'd also ask him if he still has access to his bank account online. Normally, this would be the case if you lost your wallet. Then I'd offer him to help out with cash if he can first transfer the amount to my account.

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I didn't even think to ask

I didn't even think to ask him if he still has access to his bank account online, I'll keep that in mind for next time.

After I told him initially to go to the French embassy, he immediatly texted me (within 1 minute) that I was a terrible host and probably not a cyclist, so I blocked his number after that. I don't appreciate being called a liar a few minutes after 'meeting' someone.

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That's really bad. I would

That's really bad. I would even leave some feedback on this guy's profile so as to warn other potential hosts. 

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I agree with Louis.  For me, if his WS account was active and he "should" have had very recent positive feedback if he was using WS due to financial situation, I probably would have accepted him for one night.  I too would have reminded him that he could probably get access online but I can understand if he does NOT have access to his bank account has I occasionally forget my bank's password since it has to change every 4 months. 

I would also leave negative feedback based on his interaction though I would be diplomatic about it.  "Something like "After I encouraged him to seek assistance through his embassy, he got angry at me and insulted me for not helping him.  Therefore I can not recommend him due to his anger."  Too many people do not leave negative or neutral feedback when that is what they truly feel.

That said, if I were the rider, I would not have mentioned that I had lost my wallet because as you say it sounds a bit weird or scammy.  Or if I did I would strongly point out my positive feedback and point out I am not asking for money, just a place to sleep.

It appears you did nothing wrong.  Tailwinds, John

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You did well to go with your

You did well to go with your gut instinct Jorrik. If he asked me, I would say no and write the pure facts of what happened on his profile. It sounds not quite right to me 


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Back up

This is another reason to put a spare credit card and/or cash in another location.  For instance, I have my wallet but I also put some money and a spare credit card in a pannier and a spare $100 bill in my handlebar (just remove the plug and it comes out).  Sure I increase the chance of losing money by having more places but I figure if my bike gets stolen, I am pretty much screwed for the tour anyway and two, I can positively id the bike by pulling out the $100 bill if I find the bike and the new "owner" says the bike is his.

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Just to update everybody here

Just to update everybody here: I talked to another host in the city who also was in contact with our impolite visitor. This host offered him a place to stay for one night with the option of another night, after the visitor also told him he lost his wallet. Our visitor never responded to the host's final (positive) message and didn't show up.

I wrote a negative review on his profile, but I also implored him in a personal message to be more polite next time. I think texting someone that you're not going to come isn't considered impolite just on Warmshowers...

My first bad experience as a host in 3 years, I finally made it! :-)