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Search problems?

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Search problems?

I've been searching for hosts in Albany, McMinnville, and Portland, OR and no hosts come up in the search.  I find that hard to believe.  Am I doing something wrong?



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Search Issues

Hello and Merry Christmas!

The seach is working like normal for me.  Be sure you are using the "Search by Location" section and not the "search by name" section.  Also, do NOT type in Portland and hit enter.  You must type in Portland and then the system will bring up a dropdown list of those towns that have "portland" in it.  Click the "Portland, OR" and then click either List or Map and it should bring up the 114 supposedly available guests in the Portland area. 

If it is not working by the above method, then something is probably wrong on your end. 

Tailwinds, John

BTW, you searched on an "archived" forum though why Website Help is archived is a mystery to me.  Also, the email did not show up in my inbox until 30 minutes ago, about 20 hours after it was sent. :-(

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Search issues

Thanks, that works.  Happy New Year