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how do you reciprocate for staying at a cyclist house.

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I have hosted many touring cyclists, both through Warmshowers and Couchsurfing. There is no obligation to reciprocate other than being a good guest. Money is certainly not expected or desired. The best thing that you can do is bring stories of your trip, pet the dog and enjoy your stay. Don't feel obligated to give back something tangible or monetary. Those that host are looking to meet new people and hear about their travels, share a love of bicycles and other countries. That is the true joy of being a host.

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Sharing the ride...

I love to ride, it is as simple as that. The one thing that I would appreciate in return is the opportunity to meet who I am hosting somewhere on their way in towards my home and ride in with them. This gives me the enjoyment of riding with someone which I truly do love and it comforts me knowing that my guests will come in to my home on the safest and most bicycle friendly route. I also need, would not simply like to know but need to know, the particulars of the stay as in number of days, individuals, bicycles, etc.


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